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Subject Number Section Issue Date
Amending Certain Provisions of the Executive Regulation of the Capital Market Law 5/2017 Capital Market 03/08/2017
Issuing Sukuk Regulation 3/2016 Capital Market 15/06/2017
insurance policy خ/2016/19 Insurance 02/01/2017
conceptual framework for securities Law 12/2016 Capital Market 08/12/2016
Questions on the Code of Corprate Governance 2016/10 Corporate Governance 01/12/2016
Regulations for Public Joint Stock Companies 1 Capital Market 31/05/2016
Regulations of the Insurance Sector (موسوعة التشريعات (المجلد الثالث – Legislation Regulating (Third Volume) Insurance 31/05/2016
Legal Opinions and Fatwas (موسوعة التشريعات ( المجلد الرابع – Legislation Regulating (Fourth Volume) Insurance 31/05/2016
Insurance Agents’ Regulation خ/2016/28 Insurance 18/04/2016
The rules of the securities that the customer fails to repay the value of the sale 1 Capital Market 16/03/2016
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