Injured Persons Aid Guranatee Fund

Service Declaration
The fund’s object is to provide assistance to the heir of deceased persons and injured person, coverage of treatment expenses and first aid resulting from traffic accidents and compensation of financial damage in the following cases: - The vehicle that caused the accident is unknown. - The vehicle that caused the accident is not insured

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Required Documents


-          Fill the assistance application form prescribed by the Committee and submit to the Institutional Services Department.


-          Provide all the statements and documents stated in the Fund’s procedures.


-          Copy of ROP report on the accident showing time and venue of accident, how it occurred, identification of the person who caused it, names of the drivers, address of the owner of the vehicle that caused the accident (if any)


-          Copy of identification of applicant (ID/driving license/residence card) copy of Mulkiyah of the damaged vehicle and the vehicle that caused the accident if known, copy of IDs of all parties if known.


-          Death certificate of the deceased due to the accident.


-          For bodily injuries, attach medical report issued by Ministry of Health licensed hospital showing description of the bodily injury.


-          Treatment invoices issued by approved hospital for compensation of treatment expenses. If treatment is abroad, provide evidence from the Ministry of health that treatment in Oman is not available.


-          For financial damage, attach copy of technical report from ROP specifying the damage to the vehicle.


-          Copy of power of attorney for the heirs


-          If the vehicle that caused the accident is unknown, provide evidence from ROP that it is unknown for more than three months from the date of the accident.


-          Any information, statements or documents the Committee requests.


-          The application shall be one of the cased the fund has the right to intervene.


-          The application must be submitted before two years lapsing from the date of the accident.


Institutional Services Department


Committee’s Secretariat


Institutional Services Department

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