Shareholder's Rights in General Meeting

  1. Each shareholder shall have the right to attend General Meeting and shall have the right to vote for its resolutions.
  2. A shareholder may give a written proxy to another person to attend the General Meeting and vote on its resolutions. The shareholder may revoke such proxy at any time. The representative need not be a shareholder unless the Company’s Articles of Association so ordains.
  3. Shareholders shall be entitled to inspect the minutes at the company’s principal place of business.
  4. Shareholders may, within five years from the date of the General Meeting, apply to the competent court to decide the annulment of any resolution if adopted by such General Meeting in violation of the Law or the provisions of the Company’s Articles of Association or its regulations, if any, or if adopted by fraud or abuse of authority by any person.
  5. CMA Board of Directors may, upon material reasons raised by shareholders who own at least 5% of the company’s shares, suspend the resolutions of the General Meeting which are made in favor of a certain category of shareholders or against a certain category of shareholders, or in the interest of the members of the board of directors or others.
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