Advises for Shareholders for Effective Participation in the Meetings

  1. Set out, circular and update required regulations for conducting ordinary and extra ordinary General Meeting.
  2. Organize timetable for dates of General Meetings.
  3. Approve the agenda of the General Meeting, and the invitation to be posted in daily newspapers after approval by the chairman, the legal advisor  and the external auditor as an indication that it conforms with the applicable laws and regulations.
  4. The CMA shall delegate an observer to attend the meeting and supervise its proceedings and to ensure that the resolutions adopted are in accordance with the provisions of the Law in cooperation with the Secretary, legal consultant and auditor. He may participate in the discussions and comment on any issue discussed therein.
  5. Follow up with the company’s disclosure of its General Meetings resolutions on MSM website and other media on the next day of the meeting directly, and before one hour of trading, according to the provisions of the Executive Regulation of the Capital Market Law.
  6. Approval of minutes of General Meetings after ensuring their approval by the chairman, legal advisor, auditor and the secretary, and follow up the distribution of approved minutes copies to each of MSM, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and Muscat Clearance and Depository Company.
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