CMA to Organize Workshop on the importance of Compliance with Disclosure Provisions

11 February 2015

The capital Market Authority represented by the Directorate General of Issues and Disclosure is to organize a workshop on the importance of compliance with the disclosure provisions in the capital markets on Tuesday 17 February  2015 at the CMA premises.


On the importance of the workshop Majid Mohammed Al Kiyoumi, Director of the Department of Disclosure said CMA endeavors to increase the awareness of compliance officers of issuers of securities on the importance of disclosure and transparency in addition to acquainting them with the rapid developments in finance and business world as well as the changes in the modern technologies to cope with the requirements of timely disclosure of material information to achieve the highest level of fairness for investors in MSM.


He said the workshop aims to enhance the awareness  of issuers and insiders on the importance of compliance with disclosure provisions and their responsibilities to enhance disclosure culture in the market.


Al Kiyoumi pointed out that main topics of the workshop are the importance of disclosure in enhancing the efficiency of the securities markets, the responsibilities of issuers of securities in increasing the efficiency of disclosure in the market,  requirements of disclosure of financial statements and material information, disclosure mechanisms on the web site of MSM and the challenges facing the market in this regard.