Training Programme on Islamic Financing

28 April 2015

The Capital Market Authority  organized a programme on Islamic Financing for the employees of CMA during the period 21-22 April 2015 at the Training room.


Dr. Anwar Misbah, Legislation and Compliance Manager, Bank Nizwa presented the programme which covered a number of topics on Islamic financing services compared to usurious  financing  services. He delivered details on Islamic financing services such as Musharaka, Salam, Istisnaa, Ijara and Mudahrabah and the differences between the types of account in Islamic banks and usurious banks and the Islamic investment areas  as well  as the assets and obligations of Islamic banks and usurious banks.


Dr. Anwar talked about long term and short term Islamic financing instruments and the trading of Sharia compliant securities in addition to detailed explanation on special purpose vehicle and its role in the process of Sukuk issuance.