CMA Reviews with Judges the Regulation of the Capital Market and Insurance Sector

24 October 2019


The Capital Market Authority hosted a delegation of judges from the primary and appeal courts to acquaint with the regulatory mechanisms of the capital market and insurance sector. An introductory session was held for the delegation attended by HE Sheikh Abdullah Salim Al Salmi, Executive President of CMA and senior official of CMA.


The meeting discussed the legislative and regulatory aspects of the capital market and insurance sector  beside the issues related to buying and selling shares as well as matters related to insurance. Then the delegation visited the trading hall and an open discussion session was held attended by the directors of departments and legal staff of CMA.


It is noteworthy that CMA organizes such meetings with the concerned entities to acquaint them with the legislations and regulations of the capital market and insurance sector for better understanding by all the stakeholders and the judges in particular to facilitate their work in ruling in proceedings related to  disputes of the market participants and transactions of the public in insurance products for the interest of the public.