CMA Announces Commencement of Introductory Programs of Dhamani Platform

12 July 2021

The Capital Market Authority has announced commencement of the introductory programs of the electronic link of the health insurance system in the Sultanate ( Dhamani Platform) in preparation for the first phase of the platform which is expected to be launched in September this year.


The introductory program targets the providers of insurance service and health care service in Oman in addition to information technology solutions firms focusing on acquainting the participants with  the platform and its role in health insurance transactions among the parties further to the requirements of electronic link between the platform and insurance and health care services providers. The program will cover the medical coding, electronic transfer of funds and other programs such as investment opportunities available in the platform for IT and innovation firms.


CMA will execute the introductory program of Dhamani platform in specific timeframe for each health care and insurance service provider through ZOOM. The first meeting will be on July 27,2021 for insurance companies and health insurance third party administrators. The second meeting will be on August 2,2021 for private  health institutions and the third meeting will be on August 5,2021 for private health institutions and IT solutions firms and a general meeting will be held on August 9,2021 for general questions.



Dhamani platform will link between the regulators and  supervisors in the Sultanate including the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour, Royal Oman Police, insurance and health services providers to exchange data and information related to health insurance service and will be implemented in three phases, the first is the electronic link for exchange of data and information and the second for exchange of medical referral data and the third is the operation of the platform.