The CMA’s strategy to achieve its vision, to be consistent with its mission under the Capital Market Law, is multi-dimensional.  The CMA will:

1. Actively promote investment and risk management in Oman and capital formation for companies of all sizes, including by providing an efficient, simple, and certain licensing regime that balances the investment requirements of market participants with the Sultanate’s development objectives

 2. Ensure fair and full market competition among both domestic and foreign participants by requiring high standards for listing, transparency, risk management, corporate governance, market surveillance, and supervision, based on sound and appropriate practices comparable in quality, efficiency and effectiveness to leading capital markets

 3. Educate and inform investors on an ongoing basis by requiring adequate and easily understood market disclosure to make informed investment decisions on a comparable basis

 4. Actively facilitate and promote the development of appropriate and effective markets, products and services, by providing the regulatory conditions, other support, and if and where necessary the leadership, to enable providers to invest in and deliver market development

   5. Build and maintain a professional and effective regulatory organisation that attracts good talent in the Sultanate to help oversee the participants and the continuous development of the financial markets