Conclusion of Arab Symposium of Health Insurance and Challenges

20 March 2019



At the conclusion of the Arab Symposium on “Health Insurance and Challenges” organized by the Capital Market Authority in collaboration with the General Arab Insurance Federation, we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to HE Abdulkhaliq Raouf Khalil, Secretary General of General Arab Insurance Federation for attending the symposium, we also extend our thanks to all the speakers in the various sessions of the event and all participants from Oman and abroad.


Thanks Allah the Almighy for the success of the  Arab Symposium on Health Insurance and Challenges which is evidence of care of the parties to health  insurance scheme and its role in the national economy and provision of health care for the beneficiaries.


The symposium discussed a number to topics related to digital transformation of the health insurance sector, sustainability of the health systems and investment opportunities created by implementation of health insurance system which had positive responses from the participants.


The Symposium recommended the following:


First:  Different stakeholders of health insurance scheme participated in the symposium with their views and opinions related to  eligibility   of insurance companies and health service providers. Hence, we would invite all stakeholders to review the requirements and terms and conditions of eligibility of  insurance companies and health service providers to render compulsory health insurance services in view of such ability and competence of such institutions.


Second:  We received inputs and recommendations on the importance of standardized contracts for health service providers, costs and prices of health insurance services. All stakeholders will be involved to follow best practices to limit the increased cost of health insurance services and to support the efforts exerted to avoid  inflated private health services sector through implementation of electronic link of the health insurance scheme.


Third: All inputs in the symposium on Dhamani platform were taken into consideration. We confirm that we work to collect all the data related to health insurance sector whether from health service providers or insurance services providers to take sound decisions in the implementation process in Oman.


Fourth:  Encouraging investment in the private health sector through the stakeholders working to facilitation the procedures  and providing support for investors.


Fifth: The importance of benefiting from the experience of the  countries that implemented the health  insurance to avoid any obstacles facing ideal implementation of the scheme.


Sixth: The importance of putting in place a binding medical protocol for all health services providers to be issued by the Ministry of Health specifying the procedures to prevent unsound practices by health service providers in making unnecessary medical tests.


Seventh: Reviewing fraud cases in other countries to put in place the required directives with regard to  legislative frameworks or electronic systems.


Eighth:  The importance of putting in place  quality control standards for health services in private health institutions to ensure the  insured will get best standards of health care.


Ninth: Beneficiaries awareness of their rights and the most importance terms and conditions of unified health insurance policy to ensure getting the required health care.


We hope to culminate our efforts in an ideal implementation of health insurance scheme in Oman and the success of the endeavors of all Arab countries that aim to implement this scheme which would serve various segments of the community and the economies of such countries. We thank you again for your fruitful participation  in the symposium wishing you all a happy stay in Oman




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