CMA Discuss Human Resources Enabling Strategies

23 May 2019



The Capital Market Authority organizes a workshop on Human Resources Enabling Strategies on Wednesday and Thursday at Sundus Rotana Hotel with the attendance of CMA officials beside representatives of insurance companies. The workshop will discuss identification of training needs and building comprehensive strategy to enable the national cadres as part of CMA’s vision that is based on enabling the national cadres working for the insurance  sector through qualifying them and enhancing their  technical and administrative  skills by adopting  qualitative Omanization policy focusing on enhancing the presence of Omanis in medium and senior administrative and technical roles rather  than focusing on operational positions.


Ahmed Ali Al Maamari, Vice President for Insurance Sector at the CMA said the workshop aims to involve  the companies operating in insurance  to find out strategy and to identify the future training needs to upgrade the sector by qualified Omani cadres and to drive  and develop  the capabilities of the human resources working for insurance companies. He added the workshop was organized to identify the opinions  and proposals of the insurance companies and to exchange  views on  best situation for the future of employees’ training in this vital sector as well as discussion of the challenges facing insurance companies and the role they could play in upgrading building knowledge and improving the  skills of the employees of the sector.


Al Maamari added that the insurance market witnessed an average growth of 8% in the past five years and the size of the market is approaching  RO 500 million beside future expectation for more expansion  thanks to the Government’s policy of  implementing  health insurance for the employees of the private sector and visitors to the Sultanate which are sufficient indicators that the market would  provide quantitative and qualitative employment opportunities, hence we would continue capacity building for the national cadres working for the sector to acquaint them competition tools to take over  such roles as well as enhancing the work environment in the companies to allow creativity and  competitiveness  spirit by proving their aptitude to achieve qualitative Omanization ratios based on enabling the national cadres in the sector according to Tamkeen vision in collaboration with the Ministry of Manpower to reach 50% in senior management roles, 75% in medium management and 90% in operational roles.



It is note worthy that CMA has recently concluded  the training programs for the employees off the private sector in the 2018 training plan in which more than 230 employees of insurance companies, brokers and agents  were trained as part of CMA’s vision of empowering the national cadres working in the sector through enhancing their skills under the theme “ Omanization based on Tamkeen”.

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