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Subject Number Section Issue Date
CRS INDIVIDUAL Self-Cert Form 2019/1038 Capital Market 30/05/2019
CRS CONTROLLING PERSONS Self-Cert form 2019/1038 Capital Market 30/05/2019
CRS ENTITIES Self-Cert Form 2019 Capital Market 30/05/2019
Circulation / distribution of cash dividends 1 Capital Market 24/12/2018
Controls the process of transforming public shareholding companies 2017/8 Capital Market 28/08/2017
External Circular No. 1/2017- Customer’s Funds Segregation Form, the Companies Operating in the Field of Securities 1/2017 Capital Market 09/07/2017
Amendments to the Income Tax Law 2017/6 Capital Market 03/05/2017
money laundering and financing of terrorism measures 2017/2 Capital Market 22/01/2017
Controls for providing services other than audit services - Public shareholding companies, investment funds and auditors' offices خ/1/2018 Capital Market 18/04/2016
تعديل بعض احكام اللائحة التنظيميه لقانون سوق راس المال المتعلقه بالافصاح 1 Capital Market 15/03/2016
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