An electronic system to serve insurance companies’ clients that enables follow up of the complaint

17 September 2018



An electronic system to serve insurance companies’ clients that enables follow up of the complaint


The Capital Market Authority launched this morning an electronic application to serve insurance companies’ customers. The application aims to transfer all complaint-related dealings to insurance companies electronically since the submission of the complaint until it is resolved through an electronic system. The application enables policyholder to follow-up the movement of his complaint between related parties inside CMA’s departments and insurance companies.

This workshop was held at the Business Hall of CMA, and it targeted customer services officers of insurance companies. The workshop included two working papers, the first of which was on the new electronic complaint system for insurance companies and the second paper was on the quality of customer service.

With reference to this matter, Yousuf Al Baloushi, Director of Corporate Services and Awareness Department explained that the electronic system for customer service and complaints against insurance companies is effective for the policyholder due for the feature given to the complainant (policyholder) to follow-up with the progress of the complaint movement. This step is considered positive to cope with the transfer to the e-government and for improving communication channels between the public and insurance companies and speeding up the solution of problems that occur between insurance companies and policyholders.

Al Balushi pointed out that the system will save both effort and time for policyholder as he is able now to submit his complaint and follow-up its movement without the need to move around during his working hours. This system will also have positive effects in monitoring the number of complaints and classifying each for any of insurance companies, therefore; the system contributes to enhancing the quality of insurance services provided to customers and providing appropriate insurance coverage for them.

It is worth mentioning that the electronic system documents the corresponding communications between insurance companies and CMA departments , so that there is a sequence for the date of the complaint. The system also sends reminders automatically in the absence of responses, and provides statistics showing companies’ commitment to respond to complaints and inquiries.




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